Tuesday, 16 November 2010

'Conlang: the Movie'

Hey, here I am again. Now I haven't posted as much as I might have wanted to, and I just read my last post, and it is completely out-dated. So here's an update:

Well, linguistics is still linguistics, and that was a pretty good explanation I gave you last time. Nothing wrong there.

Something new is that I didn't start at the university this September. I got what is called a 'stand-by' spot (some may call it 'wait list'). Well, apparently around 200 had applied for Linguistics and they only needed 26 students and 3 on 'stand-by', so I was pretty glad to have the 'stand-by'. And although not enough people declined for me to get a spot this year, I am secured a spot next year :D

So what do I do now? Well, I still have that Japanese-class two nights a week. That is going very well, and my classmates are all very nice and very much party people.

Other than that I have got a job that I do about 20h a week and earn DKK 110 an hour (I think that is approximately GB£12 or US$20). It's in a store called 'Tiger' where I am a cashier and such. The name of the store means excactly what you think it means (if you're thinking "tiger", that is), but it is also a pun on the danish word "10'er" which is the 10kr.-coin (that's what most things cost in there). The former is pronounced [tiːɐ] and the latter [tiːˀɐ] (this is IPA which may not be supported by all browsers).

Now the nasal conlang I am still working on - not that I have gotten a lot further. It has moved to the new CBB-forum here. And the video I sort of promised you taken with my HTC Legend is very likely going to be an explanation and example of that nasal language.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I recently donated $30 to this project. It is the 'Conlang' movie: a hillarious movie about conlanging and language geekyness. Watch the sample movie in the link, that will explain enough. My point is that for $20-$25 (depending on were you live) you can acquire your own copy of the DVD, but they need $2800 in total by November 30 in order to get the DVDs out. So go ahead and buy it, I want my copy ;)