Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Now I've started studying linguistics at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) - or in Danish: Københavns Univertitet (KU). Well, "now" meaning "in September of last year". It's on the campus on Amager (KUA - Københavns Universitet Amager), very close to the metro station called Islands Brygge. So that's where I go every day by train and metro... well, almost. We only have classes four days a week, and they're about two hours each, so there's a lot of studying on one's own.

Luckily, I absolutely love the subject! Not to mention all the nice classmates I have recieved as well. Yeah, life's pretty good to me these days! The second semester is about to end now, so I'm about to have some exams, namely: one in phonetics and phonology and one in semantics and pragmatics. Both are written.

Oh, and then there's Japanese. I'm having two exams in that: written and oral, respectively. I'm not so sure how that'll go, since I sort of skipped a month of classes, because I was doing a musical. And when I came back it was the last class before the exams. Well, at least I don't need the grades for that, so I'll just wait and see.

Just now, I have engaged myself in the HUM-revy (Short for humanistic revue), which - as the name suggests - is a revue performed by the students from the humanities. We are only just taking the first baby-steps in writing the first few songs, and coming up with an overall theme.

Now I need some sleep. And maybe that's for the best, as I think I should be making shorter more frequent posts, instead of blocks of text once a year. That would be more reader-friendly.

But don't count on it.