Monday, 24 May 2010

Typography and Art

...and by "art" I mean the visual/graphic sort.

As I promised, here is the first of the detailed introductions to what I like to use my time for.

I think it started when I was taught - at the age of one or two i think - the latin alphabet (with the addition of the three danish letters æ, ø and å). I supposedly showed interest in my dad's computer and he descided to show me all the letters in big sizes on the screen. The first word I read by the way was "Astra", and yes that was read off of the car we had at the time - a green Opel.

I have also always been into drawing, and writing in different styles. And in what you would call middle school I wanted to be an animator for a living. So I suppose I have always been a typographer and an artist and Fontstruct was just the right (and let's not forget free) medium for me.

I played around with typography and words, and that lead to the study of different writingsystems (e.g. greek, cyrillic, japanese kana) and ambigrams and that sort. I've even been working on a mirror ambigram that reads "КРИСТИЯН?" (My name in Russian) and "CHRISTIAN" when mirrored. I know - that's really geeky, but hey, it'll make a good T-shirt design if I ever go to Russia. And even if I don't.

Oh, and that's another thing I've been thinking about doing, T-shirts, that might even make me some money for a change. Well, I am probably too nice when I give away my fonts for free, because I hate paying for stuff myself. So, anyways, making some T-shirts might make up for it. Hey, now I'm checking it seems like I already have a profile on, I just haven't put any designs up. I'll be sure to do that and link to the shop from here.

I wanted to show you an example of the stuff I do, but the one I had in mind I'll save for later, but here is my latest fontstruction: 2D-barcode.

And right now I'm in the middle of my exams in gymnasium (equivalent to high school), so I probably shouldn't even be sitting up at night blogging. What I'm trying to say is that I don't know when I'll post again, but hope to do it soon.

That's it for now, I'll try to get some sleep now.

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