Friday, 18 June 2010


See, that's excactly the kind of consistency you can expect from me. Sometimes I'll post the next day, other times the next month.

On with the introduction to music. I suppose I have always been very musical, and it might have something to do with my upbringing in Japan. It certainly isn't my parents' musicality that has rubbed off on me (i.e. they have next to none). No, I have always been fond of singing, as a child singing such classics as ぞうさん (zou san, "little elephant") and パンダうさぎコアラ (pan'da usagi koara, "Panda, bunny, koala").

I also play the piano.

I like to listen to pretty much all music. Anything from classical to pop to death metal to rock'n'roll to schlager to hymns to country. So mostly what is on the radio. In my own collection of music I have mostly stuff with good harmonies and/or some funny lyrics. So I'm a big fan of Shu•bi•dua (Danish parody rock band), Tripod (Australian comedy band), Tim Minchin (Australian piano-playing rock comedian), The Beards (Australian rockband whith only songs about beards), They Might Be Giants (I haven't heard all of their songs, but the Mesopotamians is my favourite).

Of course I'm thinking of writing my own songs too. With the same sort of humourous lyrics as the above. I only haven't really done much about it... yet. I'll let you know when I write something, and I'll probably upload it to YouTube.

Well, I guess that concludes the introduction to music. I should really be reading for my last exam: classical studies (oral). That's on Monday. But then I am going to be doing only stuff I like to do for the rest of my life (well, I have the right to be optimistic). The next - and probably last - introduction will be "Language and linguistics" that is going to be interresting, but also a bit geeky. I hope to write that next week after my exam and before I go to Roskilde on the 27th!

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